Wedding Cookie Favours

Wedding Cookie Favours

Play up the pastels of a pretty summer wedding with these delightful cookie favours!



Beautiful cookie favours are a Deliciae favourite, as they are they are edible, elegant and make for a stunning display for the dessert or dinner table. We went for the dove and heart design, the dove detail befitting of any wedding, as these beautiful birds are an enduring symbol of peace, hope, harmony and eternal love.  


These favours are created by decorating a basic sugar cookie with fondant stamped with our favourite heart and rose springerle cookie mold


Once baked and cooled, the cookies were brushed with an apricot glaze, which helps the fondant adhere to the cooled cookie. Here’s a quick run down on assembling these beauties:


  • Bake and cool sugar cookies.
  • Knead and evenly Roll out fondant about .25 cm thick. Prior to rolling, lightly dust your work surface with icing sugar to prevent sticking.
  • Imprint design from the cookie mold by gently pressing the mold on the rolled sheet of fondant.
  • Cut out desired shape, for best results use a cookie cutter in the matching shape of your springerle mold.
  • Brush cooled cookie with apricot glaze.
  • With a small offset spatula carefully lift the imprinted fondant topping and place onto the the cookie brushed with glaze
  • Gently press the fondant to adhere it to the cookie.

Allow the decorated cookies to dry overnight and then package in glassine bags and a pretty tulle ribbon in the wedding colour scheme to make a simple and elegant wedding favor!





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