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Pice is reflective of short date BB OCT 2022

Celebakes® Melting Wafers offer a smooth creamy texture for all your candy-making needs. Made with Merckens® premium confectionary coating; Celebakes® Melting Wafers provide the same consistency every time. Made in the USA, using premium ingredients. Available in a variety of colors.

  • Booming Black
  • 16 oz.

To Melt: Microwave: Place melting wafers in a microwave-safe dish or disposable decorating bag. Microwave on 50% power for 30 seconds; stir or knead bag and repeat until wafers are smooth and completely melted. Stove Top: Fill bottom of double boiler half-full with water and heat to a simmer. Place top of double boiler securely and add melting wafers and continuously stir until completely smooth and melted. Cooling: Place your creation in a cool/cold area (45° – 65°F) with low humidity and good airflow. The creation can also be placed in a refrigerator to cool. Time in the refrigeration will vary, depending on the application. DO NOT place coatings in the freezer.

Store melting wafers in a cool, dry place that is free of odors.

  • Certified Kosher Dairy.

Country of Origin: USA

At time of shipment from our facilities, we guarantee the product color to be within the specified color range. Color stability can be affected by, but is not limited to, storage conditions, handling conditions, and exposure to light. Because of the sensitivity of the colors to conditions outside of our control, we are unable to guarantee the stability of the specific color. We suggest that you conduct shelf-life studies on your finished product to determine the shelf-stable time for your specific usage.

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    Laura Strath
    Black candy melts

    Taste and texture is great!