Mold - Round Rose


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Cookies Cup Cakes mini cakes Molds

These cookie molds are made of a resin and wood composite. Each mold is individually hand cast and carefully hand finished. Most of the molds are replicas of antique carvings that are now in museums and private collections. Since the original carvings have imperfections such as surface cracks and worm holes, our replicas mimic these characteristics. This adds a sense of authenticity and charm. The molds are also beautiful enough for display, and each mold comes with an eye hook for hanging.

Fully functional and food safe
Includes booklet with recipes that will retain the details of the mold
Use a soft bristled brush to clean mold, and never soak
Hand crafted and hand finished in the USA

Perfect for Gardening lovers.
Dimensions: 2.5″ diameter

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